In 2018, the AceZone founders started a journey aiming to make the best esports headset. We teamed up with industry experts, military equipment manufactures and key esports event makers.

AceZone A-Live has since been the professional choice for PGL, ESL, EA, BLAST among others. We provide headsets for the biggest esports tournaments on the world stage.

The A-Live headset is only available for tournament-planners and by order. But we've introduced 2 new consumer headsets for esports and serious gaming, developed from the same groundbreaking technology as AceZone A-Live.

  • Christian Poulsen

    Christian Poulsen is a serial entrepreneur within the photo, audio and microphone industry with more than 8 startups since 1988. He founded Imacon in 1995, which became the fastest growing company in Denmark. Christian was CEO of Hasselblad for 7 years and recently CEO & Owner of the high-end microphone company, DPA Microphones.

  • Frederik Byskov

    Frederik Byskov is a domain expert within esports, working within multiple verticals of the industry and ecosystem since 1999. He was the Tournament Director for the first CS:GO Major with Valve at DreamHack Winter in 2013, co-founder of one of the best CS:GO teams in the world, Astralis, and recently Director of Esports Operations at BLAST Pro Series.

  • Søren Louis Pedersen

    Søren Louis Pedersen is a passionate audio entrepreneur with an engineering and business background, working within the audio industry for more than 30 years. Søren is the co-founder of Libratone (Smartspeakers), Spottune (BtB speakers in retail) and he also invented the World’s first digital hearing aid back in 1996 as well as managed 3D audio headset products for F16 fighter jets.




AceZone's founders set out with the clear ambition to make the best possible headphones for gaming and esports, without compromise. Combining the experience of the best engineers with know-how from military, microphone, hearing, and brain experts in esports, AceZone has relentlessly pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo to deliver the ultimate headsets for gaming and esports, as well as for use on-the-go, while traveling, listening to music, or working in an open-space environment.



Led by a desire to solve challenges through game-changing innovation, AceZone founders Christian Poulsen and Søren Louis Pedersen fell in love with the world of esports after attending their first live event.

What they saw in esports was an industry full of passion and energy, with the opportunity for a brand to rethink the needs of the athlete in an ever-evolving sport. Excited by the possibility, Christian and Søren immersed themselves in the industry. Attending esports events and meeting those with a long history in the industry, their aim was to understand how they could fuse a legacy of innovation with deep industry expertise, to help take esports to the next level.

One of those industry veterans was Frederik Byskov. Joined with Frederik, they began assembling a diverse team of experts spanning not only esports, but also deep into software, hardware and high-end product development. This unique blend of skills coupled with the humility to listen to what the industry needed created a desire to deliver products and services that would serve a new generation of esports athletes. In January 2018, AceZone was born.