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AceZone's first light was lit on a cold September day in 2021 during the PGL Counter-Strike Major in the Avicii Arena, Stockholm where Natus Vincere and s1mple won their first major trophy.

Since those glory days in Sweden more than 100 esports events in sold out arenas worldwide has used the AceZone A-Live headset, which has resulted in players competing about and winning more than $63,000,000 dollars worth of prize money using AceZone's product.

Albeit the success with tournament organizers and game publishers, the story about AceZone goes back to 2018 where the company was founded with a clear ambition and goal to make the best possible headphones for gaming and esports, without compromise.

A diverse team of engineers and experts spanning not only esports and gaming, but also deep into software, hardware and high-end product development, took their know-how from military, microphone, hearing and related industries into a matchmaking lobby and fought.

Out of the intense battle came two ANC Gaming Headsets, setting a new industry standard for gaming headsets. The AceZone A-Spire headset for cross-platform gaming and the AceZone A-Rise headset for LAN and tournament play.

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