For the a-spiring Gamer

The A-Spire headset is designed to elevate your home experience with balanced in-game sound, team-communication and concentration through advanced tuning, lightweight and 3D comfortable soft earpads. For listening to music, use the great audio EQ, ANC and Bluetooth while on the move. All this combined makes the A-Spire headset the preferred choice for the ambitious gamer, who seeks an agile and lightweight headset for everyday use and for traveling. 
  • Engineered for gaming and music
  • Clear communication
  • Optimized for traveling
  • Hybrid Noise Canceling
  • Modes for gaming & music
  • Lightweight

Fighter jet communication technology for esports

At AceZone, we’ve partnered with Terma, a Danish state of the art defense technology company having the only operationally fielded Active Noise Reduction headset for fighter aircrafts. Terma’s audio solution is being used by U.S. and Danish F-16 pilots to be able to concentrate and hear threats while flying at speeds faster than sound. AceZone is now introducing this audio technology to be used in the gaming and esports communities.

Hybrid noise cancelling created with esports events in mind

The A-Spire headset is expert engineered to provide you the uncompromised sound and noise cancelling from the professionals choice A-Live, combined with the a lightweight design for extreme comfort.