Elevate your performance. Serious sound - no noise.

In-game sound

3 EQ modes for A-Spire and A-Rise, and full EQ flexibility for A-Live provide only relevant sounds and details to completely immerse you in gaming and music.

Tritech Solution

Team communication

Speech Enchancer Microphones and Ambient Noise & Speech Suppression algorithm filter out all external noise, leaving you with crystal clear team communication and no need to yell.

Focus Endurance

Passive dampning and Active Ambient Noise Cancellation work with our algorithm to help ear fatigue and focus loss, so you can train and play better, longer.

Introducing 3 World class

digital headsets

*Best in game sound *Best team communication *Best concentration

For pros

for you

For the last years AceZone has been the professional choice for EA, PGL and ESL, attending more then 30 live events including the CS world championship majors in Stockholm and Antwerp. Hereby AceZone has been used by the best pro gamers and proven its worth under the most extreme environments and conditions.

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  • causing mayhem in the esports


    "Despite the fact that the AceZone brand is still in its early stages, it is already causing mayhem in the esports and headset industries."

    Patrick Aikens - Gaming-expert, Audioviser



    “Pulling off any live esport event, let alone a Battle Royale such as Apex with 60 players competing at the same time, is full of technical and logistical challenges. There’s simply nothing better on the market than the AceZone A-Live in delivering crystal clear game audio and in-game comms while isolating players from event noise, which is why we’re using them for the Apex Legends Global Series.”

    Shahin Kanafchian, Partnerships, EA

  • My absolute first choice


    “I've used the AceZone headset for the first time some months ago and now it is my absolute first choice. I can game and train longer and more concentrated, than ever before without getting tired. The headset literally makes the difference between winning or losing.”

    Emil "nyhrox" Bergquist, Fortnite, 00NATION & Redbull



At AceZone, we have developed A-Live for esports events and tournaments, it takes noise cancelling and player communication to a whole new level.

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For the best

by the best

AceZones founders set out with the clear ambition to make the best possible headphones for gaming and esport with no compromise. Combining the experience of the best engineers, esport heavyweighters mixing it with the best practice know-how from military-, microphone- and hearing and brain experts, AceZone have relentlessly pushed boundaries, challenged status quo to deliver the ultimate headset for gaming and esport. And everywhere else by the way – when you are on the go, travelling, listening to music, or working in an open-space environment

Founded with a vision to elevate esports


Led by a desire to solve challenges through game-changing innovation, AceZone founders Christian Poulsen and Søren Louis Pedersen fell in love with the world of esports after attending their first live event. What they saw in esports was an industry full of passion and energy, with the opportunity for a brand to rethink the needs of the athlete in an ever-evolving sport. Excited by the possibility, Christian and Søren immersed themselves in the industry. Attending esports events and meeting those with a long history in the industry, their aim was to understand how they could fuse a legacy of innovation with deep industry expertise, to help take esports to the next level. One of those industry veterans was Frederik Byskov. Joined with Frederik, they began assembling a diverse team of experts spanning not only esports, but also deep into software, hardware and high-end product development. This unique blend of skills coupled with the humility to listen to what the industry needed created a desire to deliver products and services that would serve a new generation of esports athletes. In January 2018, AceZone was born.

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