The A-Rise headset is expert engineered for professional gaming. A-Rise improves the in-game sound, team-communication and concentration by advanced tuning for the ultimate gaming experience. For listening to music, use the great audio EQ, ANC and Bluetooth while traveling. 

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Game-changing algorithm

We have developed microphones for some of the most critical sound producers in the world. Paired with our advanced mic algorithm to reduce ambient noise. Advanced acoustics and EQ processing delivers world class in-game sound quality.

Three dimensional noise cancellation

The shape of the changeable AceZone A-Rise earpads is accompanying a seal behind the jaw, reducing external noise. The earpads are designed to professional athletes and achieve the world’s best passive dampening effect with the overall mechanical parts.

detailed Specs

Audio Interfaces: USB-C, BT and Analog (mini-jack)
BT Codecs: aptX™, aptX™ HD, AAC, SBC, HFP
Driver Size: 42 mm, optimized for high performance noise cancelling and sound clarity
Driver frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz
Microphone : Noise cancelling
Microphone Algorithm: AceZone Speech Enhancer (3 Microphones) and Advanced microphone ambient Noise and Speech Suppression (ANSS)
Mute: Flip-to-mute boomarm
Noise Cancelling: Three layer Military grade digital noise cancelling

Weight: 550 g
Earpad: Optimized 3D earpad design for noise cancelling
Battery: 1100mAh , estimated wireless use 15+ hours
Materials: Exclusive sheep leather, Robust headband adjustment system w. 9 positions,
Die casted aluminium yoke, Glass fiber reinforced cups, Military grade earpad for extreme
noise cancellation.

PU-zipper, Black carry case
3.5mm AUX mini jack cable
USB-C 3m fabric Cable for gaming and charging
User Manual

Hear it from the experts

There is simply nothing better on the market

Shahin Kanafchian, EA GAMES