The technology

AceZone founders have years of experience in professional esports and the audio industry. The combined knowledge and expertise went into creating the A-Live headset, which is now an industry standard for live esports events, and used by many top tier organizers such as PGL, ESL, BLAST and more, in games such as Counter-Strike, Apex Legends, Rainbow 6, Dota II and Rocket League.

Later on, AceZone went on to create the A-Rise and the A-Spire headsets, aimed at consumers. The technology needed to create headsets that offer gamers the benefits that AceZone products do, was carefully designed through years of testing and development. Some of benefits include:

In-game sound

Multiple EQ modes for A-Spire and A-Rise, designed to highlight important in-game sounds and details to completely immerse you in gaming and music.

Tritech Solution

Team communication

Speech Enhancer Microphones and an Ambient Noise & Speech Suppression algorithm filter out all external noise, leaving you with crystal clear team communication and no need for yelling.

Focus Endurance

Passive damping and Active Ambient Noise Cancellation works together with our algorithm to help prevent ear fatigue and focus loss, so you can train and play better, longer.

crucial audio information

faster than competitors

The combination of technology, features and design gives players using AceZone headsets incredible in-game advantages. We’ve measured how AceZone products perform against major competitor headsets and the result is clear: if you’re using an AceZone headset, you will hear crucial in-game audio cues faster than if using a competitor headset.

This advantage becomes more apparent depending on the sound environment you’re in - the more noise around you, the more noticeable. This is made possible by the unique combination of passive and active noise canceling design of all AceZone headsets.

AceZone headsets use a lift-to-mute directional, noise-canceling microphone, which is designed to pick up only the voice of the player wearing it, ignoring ambient noise. This enables players to only focus on what their teammates are saying, since any outside noise will not make its way into the voice comms.

Preventing brain fatigue and hearing loss

The human brain is constantly working to analyze and interpret the audio signals it receives. The brain works hard to sort through the information, so we humans can focus on the things we want to listen to, filtering out the audio we don't need to focus on. The more noise around you, the harder your brain has to work. AceZone headsets make this process easier for the brain by lowering the amount noise, thus minimizing the workload for the brain. The headsets also lower the non-critical noises of the game you’re playing, while keeping the critical sounds clear and audible.

Imagine you’re playing an FPS game with explosions going off and enemies running around in close proximity to you. AceZone headsets will lower the explosion noise, so your brain can pay more attention to the sound of the footsteps, as this type of noise contains more information that can determine the outcome of a match. This also helps prevent hearing loss, because you won’t have to turn up your audio to damaging levels in order to get the audio information you want.

It has taken hard work with years of research, testing and feedback to reach this level. In order to achieve this, we have worked with professional players to determine which in-game sounds are more important than others. To this day, we still gather new information, test and develop our products to create carefully crafted EQs to accommodate as many game titles as possible.