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At AceZone, our goal is to deliver the ultimate gaming immersion, and for that reason we advise against using our A-Spire and A-Rise headsets wirelessly for intense competitive gaming. While our A-Spire and A-Rise models do offer Bluetooth capabilities, it will introduce latency and compromise speaker sound quality. When the microphone is active, bluetooth only offers mono speaker sound.

Instead, use the A-Spire Wireless headset with the newest true wireless technology.

AceZone headsets come with built-in advanced digital amplification, meaning the AUX connection doesn't provide a direct link to the speakers. This intricately designed system ensures that your gaming audio is optimized and uncompromized, providing you with unparalleled sound quality. Direct is technically feasible, the benefits might not align with the premium experience we've engineered into our headsets.

In order to uphold the exceptional performance standard we strive for with the A-Spire headset, the existing design doesn't provide an option to swap out the ear pads. However, this deliberate choice ensures that the ear pads are meticulously crafted from top-tier materials, guaranteeing both durability and prolonged usage.

For upkeep, we recommend gently cleaning the ear pads using a slightly damp cloth, while being cautious to avoid contact with the drivers or any of the headset's connection ports. This practice will help maintain the longevity and premium feel of your gaming experience.

The A-Spire Wireless features interchangeable ear pads.

Yes, the A-Spire Wireless gaming headset features interchangeable ear pads.

If you're not getting audio through your headset, don't worry – let's troubleshoot together. Here are a few common scenarios that might be causing the silence:

Loose Connections: Check if your headset's cables are securely plugged into both the headset and your device. Sometimes a simple reconnection can do the trick.

Audio Output Settings: Ensure your device's audio output settings are correctly configured to use your headset. You might need to manually select the headset as your audio output source.

Muted Sound:
Double-check that your headset's volume isn't muted or set too low. This includes both the in-line controls on the headset and any software volume settings.

Software Updates: Make sure your device's operating system, drivers, and any associated gaming software are up to date. Outdated software can sometimes cause audio issues.

Broken Cables: Examine the cables for any visible damage. Sometimes, worn or damaged cables can lead to audio problems.

Audio Jack Issues: If you're using a wired headset, check the audio jack for any debris or dirt that might be affecting the connection.

Wireless Pairing: For wireless headsets, ensure that your headset is properly paired with your device via Dongle or Bluetooth, and that the connection is stable.

In-Game Settings: If the issue occurs while gaming, take a look at the in-game audio settings. It's possible that the game's settings are muting or redirecting the audio.

Try Another Device: To rule out headset issues, try connecting your headset to a different device. This can help determine if the problem is with the headset or the original device.

Remember, if you've tried these steps and you're still not getting audio, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. They're always here to assist you and get you back into the gaming groove!

If your microphone isn't picking up your voice, no worries – let's tackle this together. Here are a few common hiccups that might be silencing your mic:

Microphone Mute: Make sure your microphone isn't muted, either on the headset itself or in your device's audio settings.

App Permissions: For apps like voice chats or recording software, ensure that the microphone has been granted permission to access your device's microphone.

Audio Input Settings: Confirm that your device's audio input settings are properly configured to use your headset's microphone. You might need to manually select the headset as your microphone source.

Software Updates: Keep your device's operating system, audio drivers, and any relevant software up to date. Outdated software can occasionally cause microphone issues.

Physical Mic Check: Inspect the microphone on your headset for any debris or damage that could be blocking sound input.

Microphone Privacy Settings: Some operating systems have microphone privacy settings. Check if your microphone access is enabled.

App-Specific Issues: If the microphone works in some apps but not others, it could be app-specific settings causing the trouble.

Testing on Another Device: To rule out headset issues, try connecting your headset to a different device. This can help determine if the problem lies with the headset or the original device.

If these steps don't get your microphone back in action, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support. They're here to assist you and ensure you're heard loud and clear in your gaming adventures!

A-Spire series: For the A-Spire headsets (both regular A-Spire and A-Spire Wireless) you will need to download our mobile app. Connect your headset to it. In the app you will find regular updates.

A-Rise: For the A-Rise headset you need to download a specific firmware updater.

See more on our App & Software page.

You are not delusional - your PC is not broken. This is an intended feature; the technical name is 'Sidetone'.

When your ears are blocked (wearing a headset) your own voice perception changes drastically. This makes you change the level of your voice; and the change is very different from user to user. Some start to whisper [the mic has a hard time picking up speech], others start shouting [the neighbours will complain].

Sidetone is applied to aid your own voice perception and thereby help you speak at the right level.

On the A-Spire Wireless it's possible to disable sidetone in the mobile app.

A-Live is an event business model designed for large esports organizers and game publishers. It comes without buttons, making it ideal for plug-and-play. It also features an Admin Detection System with illuminated nodes for headset status indication. The A-Rise is made very similar to the A-Live and the perfect choice for professional or serious gamers.

You can purchase AceZone headphones directly from our website or authorized retailers such as Amazon and our gaming specialists. All our headphones come with a standard 2-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions in the EU, UK and Australia. In the US, Canada, New Zealand the warranty is 1-year.

In case you're not satisfied with a product purchased from we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, valid from the date of delivery. The refund includes the total on your receipt only and does not include the cost of shipping the order back.

To return a product delivered to you within the last 30 days:

1. Package the headset, including all packaging and accessories in a shipping box

2. Seal the shipping box with tape

3. Book and print a return label (you may pick any courier which ships directly to our office address) and tape it securely to the face of the shipping package. Please address it to:

AceZone ApS
Nordre Fasanvej 113, 2nd floor
2000 Frederiksberg
Att: AceZone
Phone: +45 31501800

4. Hand in the package for return at your local return access point/shop

5. Inform us through our contact form and let us know that the return is on it's way, the reason for return, the name used at purchase + your order number (#xxxx).

6. As soon as we have received and processed your return we will initiate the refund and you will be notified.

Please see more information about our 30-day return policy in our Right of Cancellation policy.

AceZone product page provides all details for each headset, including specifications and compatibility and platform support. It also includes the online manual for using AceZone headsets in detail. If you still need our support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For optimal sound quality and voice pick-up for the boom mic on our A-Spire, you must ensure that the green microphone symbol on the boom arm microphone faces your mouth, and that the foam tip is securely in place.

See example here under "Optimal placement".

Dongle and headset is not connecting? The connection is easily restored in 6 steps.

1. Disconnect dongle from computer.
2. Power on headset.
3. Set headset in pairing mode: Hold ANC button until LEDs are flashing blue and red.
4. Connect dongle to computer.
5. Set the dongle in pairing mode: Hold the dongle button until the LED turns purple.
a. If the dongle LED starts flashing Red and Blue proceed to next step.
b. If the dongle LED turns white, unplug and reconnect dongle. LED wil flash Red and Blue.
6. Wait for devices to reconnect automatically.

NOTE: The connection can be lost if the dongle pairing has been activated by accident (holding the dongle button).

While using the dongle, make sure that your phone or other bluetooth connected devices are not playing audio. Even though you cannot hear the audio from the signals sent from the secondary device it will interfere with the dongle signal.

When pressing the play/pause button on the headset a command is sent to the computer via the dongle. If the audio is paused for a while (15 seconds) the connection is shut down to save power. The audio can be started again by pressing play on the computer.

No, the A-Spire Wireless headset is optimised for one audio stream at a time. This is chosen to have the best possible dongle audio quality.

Yes, by using an adapter/phone charger for charging. Plugging USB into a computer will activate ‘Do not disturb’ and audio stream will go through USB cable and dongle connection will stop until USC is disconnected from computer.