For pro tournament organizers

Made to order
The A-Live headset is an advanced version of the AceZone A-Rise headset, expertly engineered for the world stage. It comes with a built-in admin detection system and is optimized for tournament and stage use. Featuring unparalleled noise cancellation inspired by fighter jet conditions and full EQ flexibility, it creates the ultimate gaming experience.
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  • Engineered for live tournaments
  • Clear team communication
  • Admin detection system
  • Hybrid noise canceling
  • Fighter jet communication
  • Esports events solution

3 Challenges at

esports events

In an arena packed full of cheering fans, players competing on-stage struggle to communicate with each other using normal headsets.

1. Headset Microphones

Pick Up Ambient Noise

Players are rightly frustrated when their headset microphones pick-up crowd noise and commentators' voices, and muddle this with team comms. What's worse is they hear this noise twice: through their teammates' microphones and the poor damping on their own headset.

2. Insufficient

Passive Damping

Players can struggle to hear important in-game sound cues, and even their own teammates, due to arena noise when playing on stage. Headsets with insufficient isolation allow arena noise into the headset and can lead to players not receiving game-breaking information, as they can hear the live commentary in the arena whilst playing on stage.

3. Ineffective


Currently event operators have no equipment they can turn to, in order to fix the aforementioned issues. This leads to events distancing players from fans, using costly soundproofed cages and dialing back production value, all of which damage the online and in-person fan experience. However ultimately, these solutions fall short on all fronts: competitive integrity, fan engagement and operational overheads.

Fighter jet communication technology

We have partnered with Terma, a Danish state of the art defence technology company having the only operationally fielded Active Noise Reduction headset for fighter aircraft. Terma’s audio solution is being used by U.S. and Danish F-16 pilots to be able to concentrate and hear threats while flying at speeds faster than sound. AceZone is now introducing this audio technology to be used in the gaming and esports communities.