Private persons have the right to cancel within 14 days without stating reasons.

The cancellation deadline shall be 14 days from the day on which you or a third party appointed by you, have or has taken possession of the last goods (14 days for goods on sale).

If you have ordered more items in one order and we are not able to deliver the goods at the same time, the right of cancellation runs from the time where you or another person of your choosing has the last goods in physical possession.

If the deadline expires on a national holiday, Saturday & Sunday, Christmas Eve, or New Year's Day, the deadline is extended to the following business day.

You can cancel the order by noticing us thereof. Please contact us via e-mail on letting us know that you want to return:

You cannot use your right of cancellation by refusing to accept the goods at delivery, or by omitting to collect it, without at the same time letting us know that you wish to return.

The deadline for cancellation is kept if you notify us of the cancellation before the time limit expires.

Return of the goods and return costs

To return a product delivered to you within the last 30 days:

1. Package the headset, including all packaging and accessories in a shipping box

2. Seal the shipping box with tape

3. Book and print a return label (you may pick any courier which ships directly to our office address) and tape it securely to the face of the shipping package.

Please address it to:
AceZone ApS
Nordre Fasanvej 113, 2nd floor
2000 Frederiksberg
Att: AceZone
Phone: +45 31501800

4. Hand in the package for return at your local return access point/shop

5. Inform us through our contact form and let us know that the return is on it's way, the reason for return, the name used at purchase + your order number (#xxxx).

6. As soon as we have received and processed your return we will initiate the refund and you will be notified.

The goods cannot be sent COD or without distribution.

Postage as well as any other expenses in relation to returning such as secure packaging must be paid by you. If a package is not picked up, we reserve the right to deduct the costs incurred by us from the purchase price before reimbursement. Please, be aware that some carriers charge a fine if the package is not picked up.

Upon return, you are responsible for wrapping the goods securely. You hold the risk of the goods as of delivery. You are responsible for the arrival of the package at our location. We recommend using track and trace so that you may follow the shipment.

The return costs in Denmark until 2 kg are expected to be no more than 10 € if the goods are sent as a package. See more at PostNord or GLS Denmark.

The cost of return with a special carrier usually starts at 50 €. The return cost depends on the goods' weight and volume, as well as the distance. Typically, there is a fixed price per kilometre. Please note that there may be a difference in price according to the chosen carrier. You can get offers on the price for returning your goods by contacting a carrier.

If you're looking to return your newly purchased product, AceZone offers a 30-day return policy.

In case you're not satisfied with a product purchased from we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, valid from the date of delivery. The refund includes the total on your receipt only and does not include the cost of shipping the order back.

Lacking original packaging may constitute a decrease in value so to be certain to get a full refund it is required to return the goods in original packaging.

When you use the right of cancellation for the entire purchase, we refund all payments from you, including any freight charges. However, if you choose a more expensive form of delivery than our standard delivery, we will not refund any additional costs associated with the more expensive form of delivery.

We can withhold the reimbursement until we have received the refunded items or you have sent documentation proving the return of the products.

We will complete such compensation via the same means of payment as you used for the original transaction unless you have explicitly agreed to something else. In any case, you will not be charged any fees as a consequence of the reimbursement.

EU, UK, Australia: 2-year warranty on all products.
United States, Canada, New Zealand: 1-year warranty on all products.

Warranty only covers defects caused by manufacturing/embedded in the product prior to sale. The Warranty does not cover regular wear and tear, including but not limited to breakage due to abuse, aesthetic damage on packaging like dents and scratches, improper usage, water damage or other causes attributable to events outside the manufacturing process.

The warranty is non-transferable. It is only valid to the first party in the country of original purchase. If the product was purchased from a third-party AceZone reseller, please refer to the regional distributor for warranty services.

For all warranty claims a valid proof of purchase is required. Warranty claims cover a like-for-like product from our webshop.

Products acquired from giveaways, prize winnings, contests, etc. do not carry a warranty.

Products bought from resellers as "used" or "pre-owned" are considered void of warranty.

Products purchased from resellers listed as "refurbished" or "renewed" are considered void of warranty.

All products are covered by local warranty regulations with the above qualifications.

If we cannot agree on the handling of the claim, you may file a complaint to the EU Online Dispute Resolution. If you want to make use of the EU Online Dispute Resolution, you can use this link: 

When filing a complaint, you must give this email address: 

Danish law shall apply to any purchase made in the webshop, and the venue is The City Court of Copenhagen. However, absolute national legislation may apply upon delivery outside of Denmark.

AceZone may at any time change the content of this site.

AceZone cannot be held responsible for any damages caused as a result of using the site or for that matter lacking access to the website.

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