Insight #3: Optimal Gaming Setup

The Optimal Ergonomics For Any Gaming Setup

The human body is a sophisticated piece of machinery consisting of 206 bones. At a joint, a bone’s surface is covered in glass-like cartilage to enable smooth movement. Nowhere is this more important than the spine, which consists of over 300 joints separated by tough, shock absorbing discs. A healthy spine relies not only on circulation to bring nutrient rich blood, but balance between core strength and back flexibility. 

Prolonged periods of sitting with poor posture can disrupt this balance. Traditional gamer posture of a curved back, slumped shoulders, and forward head places uneven force on the spine. Disc pressures can double, leading to weakening, thus increasing the likelihood the gel-like substance inside can bulge out. 

Extended, abnormal sitting accelerates wear and tear in the small joints of the back, leading to instability and early arthritis. Instability increases the strain on the surrounding structures, which results in pain that can travel far from the area of dysfunction, leading to misdiagnosis. Furthermore, inactivity causes blood to pool in the legs and increases a person’s chances of developing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. 

Just like ensuring your character’s inventory is well-stocked and health is full prior to a boss battle, similar preparations can be made to ensure optimal posture and avoid back pain. The foundations of posture come from ergonomics and remaining dynamic rather than static. By making a few simple adjustments to your gaming setup, your body will be placed in the position of the least possible stress.  

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