State-of-the-art Wireless Gaming Headset

4 199 kr
  • State-of-the-art Wireless Technology
  • One Setting Across All Platforms
  • Unmatched Lightweight Wireless Headset
  • Advanced Hybrid ANC Built for Gaming
  • Ultra Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Fastest In-game Response Time

The A-Spire Wireless is a state-of-the-art wireless gaming headset, introducing Advanced Hybrid ANC specifically designed for gaming, incorporating technology that empowers gamers to enhance their performance by enabling them to discern crucial in-game sound cues faster than competition. It's the ultimate cross-platform audio upgrade for your gaming setup.



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  • A-LIVE


    "There's imply nothing better on the market."

    Shahin Kanafchian, EA

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  • A-RISE


    "Everything I heard was detailed in a way that I have never heard before."

    96/100 - Gamepro

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    "There is some audio wizardry going on with the AceZone A-Spire."

    9/10 - WhatIfGaming

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Wireless Technology

Enjoy seamless and reliable gaming stability with the newest wireless chip on the market, offering the lowest latency compared to competition and up to 3x the speed of standard 2.4 GHz wireless gaming headsets. With A-Spire Wireless, you'll hear on-screen action as it happens, enabling you to react instantly. Experience the latest in wireless technology, including Bluetooth 5.4, LE Audio, and a precision DAC with 24-Bit/384kHz for High-Fidelity audio.

hybrid ANC

Built for Gaming

AceZone headsets feature an industry-first and exclusive technology in Advanced Hybrid ANC developed for competitive gaming. This technology grants gamers the fastest in-game response time while offering best-in-class noise cancellation compared to competition.

Gaming with Advanced Hybrid ANC reduces brain fatigue and hearing loss by minimizing non-critical game noises while keeping critical sounds clear and audible.

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Ultra Noise Cancelling


With its ability to filter out and reduce up to 98% of all unwanted external background noise, A-Spire Wireless ensures crystal-clear communication, facilitating seamless team coordination and in-game communication across any platform.

One Setting

Across All Platforms

Simple setup with a cross-platform USB-C dongle or direct connection to LE Audio supported devices. Compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation, Switch, and mobile devices. No base station is needed due to the powerful integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processor) enabling EQ settings from the AceZone Mobile App to be stored directly in the headset, regardless of how you're connected.

Unmatched Lightweight

Wireless Headset

The A-Spire Wireless is meticulously designed for optimal comfort and superior passive noise cancellation, boasting an unmatched lightweight design of just 270g.

Equipped with interchangeable soft noise cancelling leatherette ear pads the headset is built to provide enduring comfort during extended gaming sessions, all day or night.

Fastest In-game

Response Time

AceZone headsets amplify crucial in-game audio cues while reducing unwanted noise, providing gamers with a better and faster reaction time compared to competition. The integration of Advanced Hybrid ANC and optimized audio for gaming, featuring superior EQ modes, leads to increased victories.

fit for

on the move

Elevate your daily routine with the versatile A-Spire Wireless headset.

  • 35-Hour Battery Life with USB Charging Option While Gaming

  • LE Audio - The next generation of Bluetooth Audio

  • Interchangeable Noise Cancelling Leatherette Ear Pads

Built on tournament

trusted tech

The AceZone A-Spire Wireless is based on technology trusted by leading esports tournament organizers. Designed with the same features as the technology used in AceZone's tournament headset, the A-Spire Wireless is setting the new industry standard for your gaming setup.



Immerse yourself in uninterrupted gaming sessions with best-in-class passive noise reduction ear pads, ensuring all-day comfort and shutting out the world around you.

Premium hard

Carry Case

The A-Spire Wireless Advanced Hybrid ANC Gaming Headset is protected with a premium hard carry case, making travel a breeze and ease without damaging the headset.



If you want to mute the microphone, simply rotate the boomarm away from the mouth into the upward position. When you’re ready to talk again, simply lock it back into place in front of your mouth.


AceZone App on mobile phone will configure headset across all platforms.

lightweight design

In the


The AceZone A-Spire Wireless is designed with seamless cross-platform connectivity in mind. Inside the package, you'll discover a premium hard carry case housing the A-Spire Wireless gaming headset, alongside an AUX 3.5 Jack Cable and a USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable. Additionally, it includes a USB-C dongle, enabling endless hours of wireless gaming convenience.

Optimal mic


For optimal sound quality and voice pick-up for the boom mic on our A-Spire Wireless you must ensure that the green microphone symbol on the boom arm microphone faces your mouth, and that the foam tip is securely in place.


• PU-zipper, Carry Case
• AUX, 3.5 Jack Cable
• USB-A to USB-C, Charging Cable
• USB-C dongle

Gaming Wireless: Low Latency 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth Wireless: v5.4
35-Hour Battery Life with USB Charging Option While Gaming

LE Audio: The Next Generation of Bluetooth Audio
LE Audio Codecs: LC3
Audio interfaces: Wireless, Bluetooth LE Audio, USB-C, AUX
Driver Size: 40 mm Driver Optimized for High Performance Noise Cancelling and Sound Clarity
Driver Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20kHz

Ultra Noise Cancelling Microphone
AceZone Speech Enhancer (3 microphones) Algorithm
Flip-to-mute Microphone

Headset Protected with Premium Hard Carry Case
Weight: 270g
Interchangeable Noise Cancelling Leatherette Ear Pads
Foldable: Collapsable Hinges to Fold Headset Flat
Flip-to-mute boom arm
Mobile App with Pre-defined EQ Game Settings

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