Unparalleled Esports Performance Headset

8 799 kr
  • Fastest In-game Response Time
  • App for Gaming & Music
  • Superior Passive Noise Cancelling
  • Hybrid ANC Built for Gaming
  • Fighter Jet Tech Microphone
  • Handcrafted with Premium Materials

The A-Rise gaming headset delivers the ultimate professional esports experience, with Advanced Hybrid ANC designed to withstand the extreme levels of noise found in a sold out arena. The combination of design, active and passive noise cancelation gives gamers the ability to boost their performance and hear enemies better and faster than competition.

Use wired for gaming, bluetooth for music.



  • 5/5 - Dexerto


    "While we test a lot of our hardware reviews with Counter-Strike, we can’t say that we’re any good. We still aren’t. However, one thing had changed. AceZone’s gaming headset was working. It was making us better at the game than we were before. Once it all clicks into place, this gaming headset is absolutely astonishing."

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  • 10/10 - Gamereactor


    “One of the things that AceZone sells itself on is their localisation in games, especially how they should have a better ability for identifying gunshots, footsteps and other things at a distance. And it must be said that the A-Rise delivers.”

    “.. you won't find anything better than the A-Rise in the gaming scene.”

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  • Highly recommended - Techpowerup


    ".. I came out convinced that the A-Rise can give you a competitive edge over other gaming-centric headphones."

    ".. it might just be the best gaming headset mic I've ever used.."

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Fastest In-game

Response Time

Testing shows that AceZone headsets deliver crucial in-game audio cues faster than any competing headset on the market, giving players a competitive edge.
More specifically, up to 4 seconds faster response time compared to other gaming headsets.

Acezone wins you rounds

AceZone's algorithm expands your hearing radius and allows you to hear enemies from further away:

Hybrid ANC

Built for Gaming

AceZone headsets features an industry first and only technology in Advanced Hybrid ANC developed for competitive gaming granting FPS gamers the fastest in-game response time, while having best in class noise canceling compared to any other gaming headset on the market.

Click here to read more about our technology.

fighter jet tech


The A-Rise headset features an ultra noise cancelling microphone powered by fighter jet technology, which focuses solely on the player's voice, eliminating outside noise for optimal team communication and in-game coordination.

App for

gaming & music

Customize your audio experience with the AceZone mobile app. Create your own EQ settings for the A-Rise or enjoy the pro gaming presets provided by AceZone. Use music mode for listening to your favorite tunes, adjust sidetone levels, and set your preferred amount of active noise cancellation.



Award-winning design is achieved by combining unmatched engineering with industrial aesthetics and the best, most solid choice of materials. This includes glass-filled plastics, die-cast aluminum hand-brushed with a clear coat finish, real leather for a natural contact experience, and hidden wires to avoid entanglement - all contributing to increased performance.

Handcrafted with

Premium Materials

A headset is a trustworthy companion that should last for years to come. The A-Rise Hybrid ANC Gaming Headset is built with longevity in mind, consisting of sturdy materials with replaceable parts, such as magnetic ear pads and genuine leather on ear pads and headband.


Passive Noise Canceling

To be the best player you can be requires focus. Headsets with insufficient isolation allow noise to pass through, which can lead to players missing important in-game sound cues. AceZone A-Rise helps you block out noise, allowing you to hear what you need to succeed.

BUILT ON tournament

trusted TECH

The AceZone A-Rise is based on technology trusted by leading esports tournament organizers. Designed with the same features as the technology used in AceZone's tournament headset, the A-Rise is setting the new industry standard for your gaming setup.



The intelligent boomarm makes it easy for players to check if they have the best possible placement of their microphone in relation to their mouth at all times during competitive play. This guarantees the best possible communication throughout. If players want to mute their microphone, they can simply rotate the boomarm away from their mouth into the upward position and when they’re ready to talk again, they simply lock it back into place.



Experience natural contact and long-lasting comfort with best-in-class noise-isolating ear pads featuring real leather.

Built for the extreme



Upgrade your daily routine with the A-Rise headset.

  • Bluetooth support

    Enjoy wireless freedom while on the move, as Bluetooth support allows you to effortlessly connect to your devices, providing a tangle-free, convenient audio experience.

  • 15+ hours of battery life

    The A-Rise headset guarantees you can stay connected throughout the day of continuous use, eliminating the need for frequent recharging.

  • Replaceable cables

    A-Rise comes with replaceable cables, making it easy to swap out damaged or outdated cables, prolonging the headset's lifespan. Plus, it allows you to tailor the headset to your preferences for a personalized gaming experience.


AceZone App on mobile phone will configure headset across all platforms.


Audio Interfaces: USB-C, BT and Analog (mini-jack)
BT Codecs: aptX™, aptX™ HD, AAC, SBC, HFP
Driver Size: 42 mm, optimized for high performance noise canceling and sound clarity
Driver frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz
Microphone : Noise canceling
Microphone Algorithm: AceZone Speech Enhancer (3 Microphones) and advanced microphone Ambient Noise and Speech Suppression (ANSS)
Mute: Flip-to-mute boomarm
Noise Canceling: Three layer military grade digital noise canceling

Weight: 550 g
Ear pad: Optimized 3D earpad design for noise canceling
Battery: 1100mAh, estimated wireless use 15+ hours
Materials: Exclusive sheep leather, robust headband adjustment system with 9 positions, die casted aluminum yoke, glass fiber reinforced cups, military grade ear pad for extreme noise cancellation

• PU-zipper, black carry case
• 3.5mm AUX mini jack cable
• USB-C 3m fabric cable for gaming and charging
• User Manual

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