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Insight #2: Build Team Cohesion In & Out Of Game

The Benefits Of Utilising Team Cohesion In And Out Of Game

A team can have the best players but it doesn’t mean anything without effective team cohesion. This can be achieved by placing value on reliability, and the team’s behaviour inside and outside the game after winning or losing. These factors can have a considerable effect on individual and team performance.

Team performance is about enabling each other to become better players and asking “what can I do for my teammates to help them perform at their best?”. This will bring everything inline and enable individual players to become a team. 

The key in building and maintaining a good team spirit is knowing your role and responsibility as part of your team. By sharing responsibility and glory equally, no-one in the team will feel like they’re solely responsible for winning or losing. This is important for ensuring all players feel like they’re valued equally as part of the team and need to be part of the group to be successful, whether that’s coaches, players, or analysts.

Communication skills and the ability for individual players to reflect on themselves, both outside and inside the game, is the glue that keeps teams together and will naturally improve in-game performance. 

By having regular moments for communication and reflecting on what is happening as well as giving feedback, will prevent any problems occurring in the future. At the same time, socialising and doing things that are not game-specific are equally important in upholding team cohesion.


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