Insight #5: 'Flow State' Explained

How to Get "In The Zone"

The term “flow state” is used in psychology to describe the mental state of a person who is fully immersed in an activity. Also known as being “in the zone”, flow state refers to a person performing an activity that is fully immersed, energised and focused. And because they are so absorbed in the task, they have little awareness of any outside distractions or even time itself, giving them a perceived air of invincibility. This extreme focus in the present usually means that they are able to play at a higher level.

Experiencing flow is never seen in new activities. The very nature of it requires you to not be trying, not consciously thinking about what it is you’re doing — instead, you’re just doing it. 

Flow is ubiquitous; it can make an appearance in anyone and anywhere provided the pre conditional triggers are met. The key is focus. Flow can only show up when all our attention is completely on the right here and now: the triggers are what drive attention into the present moment. Being aware of these triggers is a good first step towards achieving flow. 

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