Which of our gaming headsets is for you?

A-Spire - For you who aspire to be a pro gaming athlete

The AceZone A-spire headset is engineered to elevate your home arena with balanced in-game sound performance and contoured earpads for ultimate comfort and adjustability. Transform your setup and level up your game from practice to competition.
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A-Rise - For the arising esports athlete

The AceZone A-rise headset is expert-engineered for the world stage. Unparalleled noise cancellation inspired by fighter jet conditions and full EQ flexibility creates the ultimate immersive experience.
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A-Live - For the professional esports tournement

The AceZone A-live headset is the first of its kind. Developed for professional  esports athletes, events and tournaments, it takes noise cancelling and player communication to a whole new level.
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