Christian Poulsen

Christian Poulsen is a serial entrepreneur within the photo, audio and microphone industry with more than 8 startups since 1988. He founded Imacon in 1995, which became the fastest growing company in Denmark. Christian was CEO of Hasselblad for 7 years and recently CEO & Owner of the high-end microphone company, DPA Microphones.

Søren Louis Pedersen

Søren Louis Pedersen is a passionate audio entrepreneur with an engineering and business background, working within the audio industry for more than 30 years. Søren is the co-founder of Libratone (Smartspeakers), Spottune (BtB speakers in retail) and he also invented the World’s first digital hearing aid back in 1996 as well as managed 3D audio headset products for F16 fighter jets.

Frederik Byskov

Frederik Byskov is a domain expert within esports, working within multiple verticals of the industry and ecosystem since 1999. He was the Tournament Director for the first CS:GO Major with Valve at DreamHack Winter in 2013, co-founder of one of the best CS:GO teams in the world, Astralis, and recently Director of Esports Operations at BLAST Pro Series.

Our team of engineers

Experts within hardware and software combining more than 100 years of experience, the engineering team behind AceZone are no strangers to delivering the technology behind the equipment that esports needs.