In the past few months we've posted all across the internet about how our headsets provide gamers with unique advantages such as hearing footsteps earlier than competitor headsets with best-in-class noise canceling and microphone technology. We've also joined forces with the amazing Launders and SondergaardLoL to help us tell the world about our great products.

The reactions we've received have been mostly great, but we've also encountered people who simply don't believe us. We can't have that. That's why we're now opening our doors to let members of the gaming and esports community visit us and test out our products for themselves. We encourage you to bring your own gaming headset to really experience the difference between AceZone products and what you use at home.

We know that you'll be able to detect important in-game audio cues earlier with our products, now it's time you get to experience it for yourself. 

AceZone Community Day

The day will be hosted by AceZone and content creator SondergaardLoL. During the event, you will be able to have a unique audio experience with AceZone headsets, test your own gaming headsets against AceZone products and chill in our lounge while watching a livestream of the Paris Major Challengers Stage

Learn how high-end audio equipment can help you gain an edge in competitive games and get a chance to win cool prizes. Refreshments will be available.

Please note: We have a limited amount of spots, so make sure you sign up fast. First come, first serve.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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May 11th, 2023
15:00 - 18:00 PM
Please arrive approx 15 minutes before event start

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